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The maintenance landscape is more complex than ever in today's interconnected and fast-paced world. That's where fixaible steps in - transforming the very fabric of how industries approach maintenance. Designed to be an indispensable team member, fixaible isn't just an intelligent assistant; it's a comprehensive solution built on years of cross-industry experience and groundbreaking technology.

What sets fixaible apart is its ability to adapt to each industry's unique challenges. Through customized learning, it continually evolves to understand the nuances of your equipment and operational needs. Interactive drawings provide an unprecedented visual experience, making complex systems understandable and easily navigable. These aren't just static diagrams; they're live, interactive maps of your systems that facilitate rapid diagnostics and problem-solving as fixaible understands each component of your drawings can connect to your existing automation network to overlay real-time values and provides guided logical troubleshooting.

fixaible is your on-demand expert, constantly learning from years of cross-industry experience in aerospace, IT, heavy equipment, marine sectors, and beyond. As a partner in your journey toward operational excellence, fixaible contributes to proactive decision-making across diverse challenges—whether you're navigating aerospace complexities, running high-stakes oil rigs, or striving for zero downtime in manufacturing. It's not just a revolutionary product; it's a paradigm shift in maintenance technology, redefining what we expect and setting a new standard for the future.


Navigating the labyrinth of aerospace regulations and complex systems is daunting for even the most experienced service technicians. fixaible streamlines this process by providing instant, context-aware guidance backed by machine learning. No more scrolling through lengthy manuals or waiting for specialized parts. fixaible ensures you have the correct information and solutions at your fingertips, drastically reducing downtime and helping you comply with industry standards effortlessly.

"According to Oliver Wyman, airlines spend approximately $75 billion annually on MRO services."

areospace technician


Yachts are complex vessels, often outfitted with custom, high-end components that require specialized care. fixaible's customized learning features adapt to your yacht's unique configurations and luxury components, making maintenance a breeze.


Whether it's the bespoke electrical systems or custom engines, fixaible has you covered, ensuring you can enjoy your time at sea without worrying about sudden breakdowns.

"A study by Boat International shows that maintenance accounts for approximately 10% of the total annual cost of owning a yacht."



In the aquaculture sector, where equipment integrity is crucial for the well-being of aquatic life and the profitability of your operation, fixaible offers unparalleled advantages. fixaible doesn't just assist with repairs; it continuously learns from your specific needs, making each maintenance operation more effective than the last. From ensuring optimal water quality to maintaining complex feeding systems, fixaible is your key to enhanced productivity and sustainability in aquaculture.

"A report by FAO suggests that equipment failure can result in a loss of up to 10-30% of the crop value in aquaculture."

RAS aquaculture facility

Heavy Equipment

In the heavy equipment industry, the cost of downtime is astronomical. fixaible's intelligent assistance serves as an invaluable tool for quick diagnostics and solution implementation. Its ability to adapt to varied types of machinery, whether it's a backhoe loader or a hydraulic excavator, ensures that your team doesn't waste time on trial and error. The machine learning algorithms continuously improve, effectively closing any skills gap over time.

"Onupkeep, unplanned downtime costs industrial manufacturers an estimated $50 billion annually, and equipment failure is the cause of 42% of this unplanned downtime."

loader dozer


In the fast-paced manufacturing world, downtime is detrimental to production schedules and the bottom line. fixaible offers an agile solution perfectly tailored for this high-stakes environment. fixaible's intelligent assistance rapidly diagnoses issues and offers context-specific guidance. Customized learning features adapt to your manufacturing setup, from assembly lines to quality control stations, ensuring every technician becomes a multi-skilled problem solver. 

"According to a study by Oneserve, unplanned downtime costs UK manufacturers at least £180bn each year."

robotic arm manfacturing plant

Oil & Gas

The stakes are incredibly high in the oil and gas sector, where maintenance errors can result in catastrophic failures. fixaible’s robust machine-learning algorithms provide your engineers with real-time, accurate solutions for complex drilling and extraction equipment. Its intelligence extends to understanding the stringent regulations that govern this sector, ensuring compliance while enhancing operational efficiency.

"According to Kimberlite, offshore drilling operators experience on average $49 million annually in financial impacts due to unplanned downtime."

oil rig at sea


The harsh and unforgiving marine environment leads to frequent maintenance issues, from corrosion to component degradation. fixaible's intelligent maintenance assistant is a lifeline in such conditions. Not only does it offer quick solutions to common problems, but its interactive drawings and materials provide a deeper understanding of complex marine systems. This helps your crew conduct repairs efficiently, even far from shore.

"According to DNV GL, marine operations could save up to $30 billion annually through better maintenance strategies."

shpping container


Equipment failure can disrupt production and pose safety risks in the rugged and remote environments where mining operations oft. fixaible provides a robust solution for these critical situations by delivering real-time, intelligent assistance tailored to the unique challenges of the mining sector. Whether it's maintaining high-capacity excavators or diagnosing faults in underground drilling machinery,

fixaible is a game-changer in how maintenance is approached in the mining industry.

"According to Plant Services, it’s estimated that unplanned downtime costs the average mining company $2.5 million per day."

dump truck


Readiness is non-negotiable in military operations. fixaible aids in maintaining a wide variety of equipment, from armoured vehicles to complex radar systems, ensuring they are always ready.


fixaible can be customized to adapt to the specific protocols and system complexities unique to military equipment, minimizing downtime and ensuring machinery is operational when it matters the most.

"According to a report by the Department of Defense, equipment downtime costs the U.S. Military an estimated $9 billion a year."

air craft carrier
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