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The Rising Complexity of Maintenance: A Challenge for New and Seasoned Technicians Alike

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

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In an era of rapid technological advancements, maintenance work is far from what it used to be. As industrial machinery and equipment become increasingly sophisticated, keeping them in optimal condition has evolved into a complex science. This complexity poses challenges for novice and experienced technicians, who must continually adapt to keep up with ever-changing information and steep learning curves.

The Ever-Changing Landscape

Gone are the days when a toolbox and some fundamental mechanical knowledge were all a technician needed. Modern machinery now incorporates a range of electronic systems, intelligent sensors, and even artificial intelligence to some extent. As a result, the amount of information a technician needs to assimilate is exponentially increasing. Even seasoned technicians who were experts in their field five years ago find themselves becoming students all over again.

Steep Learning Curves for New Technicians

For new technicians entering the workforce, the situation is even more daunting. They are expected to hit the ground running and quickly familiarize themselves with intricate systems their more experienced colleagues grapple with. With many organizations facing a shortage of skilled workers, the pressure to perform is immense. The combination of unfamiliar technology and high expectations often leads to stress and errors, which can be costly for businesses.

The Plight of Experienced Technicians

The learning curve is often steep, even for technicians with years or decades of experience. With machines being updated or replaced quicker than ever, even a few months away from the industry can make a technician's knowledge partially obsolete. Continuous learning and training are mandatory in such a fast-paced environment but are often not feasible due to time and operational constraints.

The Solution

This is where platforms like fixaible step in; by serving as a real-time, intelligent assistant for technicians, fixaible levels the playing field. Its capabilities range from real-time troubleshooting to offering step-by-step guidance for complex tasks, making it an invaluable asset for new and experienced workers. fixaible keeps track of all the latest updates and provides real-time data analysis, acting as a continual learning platform that evolves with the industry's needs.


The complexity of modern maintenance is not a challenge that will go away; if anything, it will likely continue intensifying. However, with the right tools at their disposal, both new and experienced technicians can not only cope with this complexity but also excel in their roles. fixaible offers a glimpse into a future where technological support makes the complex seem simple and the daunting become manageable.

Brad Cortlandt Yeadon

Founder / CEO - fixaible

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